Awards for Firefighter and Jr. Firefighter of the Year

In December OCESD3 at its annual Christmas Party recognized two members of the Department with awards for Firefighter of the Year and Jr. Firefighter of the Year

○ Jerry Spikes – Firefighter of the Year 2022

○ Chase Powell – Jr Firefighter of the Year 2022

Congratulations to both of you for your recognition of your contributions and continued service to the safety and well-being of the citizens of the Little Cypress.

Newly Elected Board of Commissioners

The citizens of Little Cypress have elected the Board of Commissioners to serve on the board for OCESD3. We would like to welcome and announce the newly installed Commissioners.

The Board will go through an election cycle now every two years beginning in 2024 with Commissioners Drake and Braus up for re-election.  The remaining commissioner positions will be included in the election cycle of 2026.  This will then place all elected board positions to 4-year terms with elections of a portion of the board every two years in accordance with Texas law governing the election of ESD Commissioners in Orange County.

The members of the Fire Department are excited and looking forward to working with the board to ensure continued growth and success in providing professional and quality emergency services and fire response to the citizens and businesses of the community of Little Cypress.

Newly Licensed Driver On The Road

Summer break is rapidly coming to an end and many of our children have already returned to school in the form of summer practices for sports, band, etc. In addition to the added traffic on the roads, there is the potential of encountering a newly licensed driver on the road. As exciting as this is for them, these kids are still becoming comfortable with their new role as a driver as well as dealing with the added stress of the new school year and what that brings. These new drivers may take a little slower time to pull out onto the Highway or in some more seasoned drivers’ opinions slow down too slow to make a turn. We encourage everyone to remain courteous to these new drivers as well as to other fellow drivers to ensure we all arrive safely to our destinations.

Service for Grass, Trash, and Brush Fires

OCESD3 has responded to many calls of service for grass/trash/brush fires that have gotten out of control or that have been left unattended. A few of these unfortunately have also caused damage to structures and dwellings as well. Much of the State of Texas is in a moderate to severe state of drought and we want to remind our citizens to be cognizant of that and not to put yourselves or their families in danger by starting these types of fires. Texas law prohibits the unlawful burning of material that is not natural vegetation; “If it did not grow there, it does not go there!” Unlawful burning could result in civil and or criminal penalties being levied against the property owner. We do not want any of our fellow citizens to experience the loss of property or the potential legal consequences of participating in unlawful burning however if you see something, say something and we will assist you in extinguishing the issue.

Pierce 3000-Gallon Water Tanker

OCESD3 is excited about the upcoming anticipated delivery of the new Pierce 3000-gallon water tanker. Tanker 37 is expected to be put into service in August 2022 and replace the 21-year-old Tanker 34 as the front-line water tender to assist in the protection of the Little Cypress Community in the fire suppression efforts of OCESD3. Tanker 37 is built with a 3000-gallon water tank, Waterous 1500 Gallon Per Minute capability water pump, dump valves on each side and rear of the apparatus, high side compartments, 3000-gallon portable tank, and more. The decal graphics on Tanker 37 also includes our rendition and homage to the Battlin Bear Mascot of the LCM Battlin Bears. The first of its kind on our apparatus. Go Bears!