OCESD3 is excited about the upcoming anticipated delivery of the new Pierce 3000-gallon water tanker. Tanker 37 is expected to be put into service in August 2022 and replace the 21-year-old Tanker 34 as the front-line water tender to assist in the protection of the Little Cypress Community in the fire suppression efforts of OCESD3. Tanker 37 is built with a 3000-gallon water tank, Waterous 1500 Gallon Per Minute capability water pump, dump valves on each side and rear of the apparatus, high side compartments, 3000-gallon portable tank, and more. The decal graphics on Tanker 37 also includes our rendition and homage to the Battlin Bear Mascot of the LCM Battlin Bears. The first of its kind on our apparatus. Go Bears!